Fan Week is Coming!

You’ve heard of shark week… but have you heard of FAN WEEK?

CORSAIR has a wide variety of internal components for PC builds with cooling and fans being among our most popular. What’s not to love when you can get the cooling you need for your processor or graphics card AND glorious RGB all at once?

To celebrate one of our “coolest” product categories, our social media channels and our Memeology department will be focusing entirely on Fans from August 23rd to August 30th. It’ll be all fans for as far as the eye can see.

(That’s “fans” as in the product, not “fans” as in the loving community that supports us)

Animated array of fans in various colors

If you haven’t already, follow us over on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and even TikTok for only the best PC fan-related posts!

Animation of two systems with different fan lighting effects playing.

And if you have questions about fans or other CORSAIR hardware, join the discussion over on our new User Forum or our community on Discord while you’re at it!

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