Our lineup of liquid CPU coolers gets a drastic upgrade with our new ELITE LCD Series. Based on our ELITE CAPELLIX liquid CPU coolers, the ELITE LCD coolers feature all-new 120mm/140mm ML RGB ELITE fans and a vibrant 2.1” IPS display on the pump top surrounded by an array of bright RGB LEDs.


ELITE LCD coolers come in H100i / H150i / and H170i variants with radiator sizes ranging from 240mm to 420mm.

With the new coolers comes a new AM4 mounting solution that utilizes your AM4 motherboard’s backplate to securely fasten the pump head to the AM4 socket.

We also include new standoffs that are compatible with Intel’s new LGA 1700 socket for upcoming motherboards and processors (installation is similar to previous Intel sockets, utilizing the pre-installed Intel mounting bracket and a provided Intel backplate).

Installation follows the same general steps as our previous coolers, with the addition of a USB Y-Splitter cable so that you can connect the ELITE LCD module and the included COMMANDER CORE fan/lighting controller to a single USB 2.0 header on your motherboard.

Upgrades for ELITE CAPELLIX Coolers

If this all looks great to you, but you want to keep your current ELITE CAPELLIX cooler, you can upgrade your cooler with the new ELITE LCD Upgrade Kit.

Installation is quick and easy, however we strongly recommend that you update to the latest version of iCUE (version 4.16 or newer) and install the latest firmware for your cooler for the smoothest experience.

Also, if you want to further upgrade your ELITE CAPELLIX cooler, you can find the LGA 1700 retrofit kit here that includes just the standoffs needed for LGA 1700 sockets and if you need an entirely new set of mounting hardware (including the new AM4 mounting bracket as well as a set of LGA 1700 standoffs) you can find that here.

If you’re looking for a fresh set of fans, our ML RGB ELITE fans bring a fresh look with cool and quiet performance with AirGuide Technology to help focus airflow out the back of the frame and our fan-favorite magnetic levitation bearing that reduces noise and lasts longer than traditional bearing fans. If you’re upgrading a cooler that can control CORSAIR RGB fans already, we suggest picking up single pack fans here.

Closing Thoughts

All-in-one CPU liquid coolers are a great way to not just get high-performance cooling for your system, but also make a statement with brilliant RGB lighting that’s taken to the next level with a vibrant IPS display! Our ELITE Series coolers combine powerful fan and lighting control into a single package and are easy to upgrade and expand on with the ability to address and control up to six CORSAIR RGB PWM fans!

If you’re upgrading your system with a CORSAIR liquid CPU cooler, join the conversation over on the CORSAIR User Forums, Community Discord, or Reddit!

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